Payment Options

Dr. Mathews and staff realize that in the case of significant dental services being diagnosed for optimum care, the recommended treatment can be costly. Therefore, we have adopted the following financial policy:

Payment is due as service is rendered. As a courtesy to our patients we allow other payment options within the following guidelines:

CASH - If you make your payment in full for services rendered on the day of the appointment, we allow a 7% courtesy for payment by cash or check, in the case of $2000+ balances.

CREDIT CARDS – We accept Visa and Mastercard and charge no additional fee to cover our costs.

CARE CREDIT – We are pleased to offer Care Credit Finance to our patients. More information can be found on, where a short application takes no more than 5 minutes to complete.

DENTAL INSURANCE – Patients are responsible for payment at the time of the first visit for balances under $200.00.

If you have dental insurance, you have the benefit of the insurance company assisting you in the payment for your care. Most people don’t realize it, but insurance companies are a “third party” involved in your health. The first party is you, and the second party is the dentist.

It works as follows:
  • The dentist informs you of the care needed.
  • You agree to the treatment plan.
  • Definite financial arrangements will be discussed and agreed upon.
  • You are responsible for the balance and any insurance reimbursement will be paid to you.

There are two methods of handling your insurance paperwork and your exchange with us. The first is to pay us directly and submit the insurance work yourself. The second is to pay directly and utilize our free service of having us file your claim—we are happy to do so.

We ask that you provide insurance information on your first visit so we may promptly bill your insurance carrier. It commonly takes three to four (3-4) weeks to receive payment from an insurance company, so your cooperation with this will be helpful to all